There’s been a lot of trendy change with lengths this year, with the new shorter full-length pants worn with flats at the top of the list. Maxi coats that are calf-length, extending well beyond the knees, but are shorter than ankle lengths, are gaining momentum too. The idea is to combine the two newer lengths into one outfit to create fresh proportions, going shorter on the pants, and longer on the coat. The collection below shows some examples with flats and heels. The pants and jeans shown are roomy because of the fashionable movement away from skinnies.

To my eye, these are fun new proportions that work really well. A maxi coat that finishes well beyond the knee can overwhelm almost any frame, especially with flat footwear. Raising the hem lengths of the pants and jeans by showcasing the foot and shoe seems to visually ground the outfit and give the look some structure. Floor-skimming full-length bottoms worn with maxi coats might create a tad too much fabric when the pants are wide from thigh to hem. Bootcuts with floor-skimming lengths, on the other hand, can work well because of the structured fit on the thighs. Note that the lengths of these pants are longer than cropped pants. That way you can insulate with high-shaft boots and sneakers, and wear long cosy socks.

Topshop Toni Check Coat

I own the components of the Topshop example here, and I’m wearing it right now. I’m loving my bright red maxi coat worn with most things, and it’s fun with my new shorter full-length wide jeans that I pair with flat boots or hi-top Converse sneakers. Some important styling additions personally make the difference to me though. My tops are fluid or fitted and tucked or semi-tucked to create structure and lengthen the leg line in flat footwear. My maxi coat is very tailored, so that the length does not overwhelm my slight frame.

Every fashion professional has their thing, and the lengths of wardrobe items is mine. A small adjustment to the length of something makes a huge difference to my eye, and I’ll split hairs about it. So seeing the lengths of fashionable items change quite dramatically is huge for me, but perhaps not for you.

What do you think of shorter full-length pants worn with longer coats? Fab or not so fab?