This week’s outfit formula is for those who enjoy wearing dark colours from head to toe, but not necessarily black from head to toe. These casual and dressy outfits showcase a lot of black, which you could substitute with shades of dark blue if that’s more your cup of tea. The outfits are low contrast, and a good mix of trendy and classic. 

1. Casual Black with Burgundy Accent

Combine a pair of black leggings, jeggings or skinnies with a black voluminous piece that oozes drape and texture. The column of dark neutral needn’t be black, as long as it’s dark and neutral. Add burgundy footwear to break up the black. Add a dark bag that works with the low-contrast palette. The leggings and bag are classic. The slouchy boots are trendy, and the poncho is a little avant-garde.

Lolita Roll Neck Batwing Jumper

2. Dressy Brown and Olive

Combine a dressy dark olive skirt and top to create a column of dark neutral. The belt at the waist is optional. Layer a dark brown topper over the lot, and perhaps throw in a pair of olive boots. A pair of dark brown boots that match the topper will work as well. I can see this combination working beautifully with black and navy. All items are on-trend, apart from the classic pullover.

Darcy Reversible Longline Shearling Coat

3. Dressy Black and Burgundy

Combine a pair of dressy dark burgundy bottoms with a black top and jacket. Finish off the look with black shoes and bag. Sub a skirt or pair of pants for the culottes if that’s more to your taste. Wear a black pullover if jacket and blouse aren’t your thing. I love the way the burgundy breaks up the black. The blazer and bag are classic and the rest is on-trend.

Ludlow Belted Culottes

4. Casual Brown and Olive

Combine a pair of dark brown leggings, jeggings or skinnies with a dark olive top and dark brown topper. Finish off the look with dark brown, olive or black flat footwear. I like the addition of the white soles of the sneakers here, which is the only bit of high contrast in all these outfits. The leggings and pullover are classic, and the rest is on-trend.

Goldie Leather Leggings

Wearing dark neutrals from head to toe is popular with some of my clients, who feel chic, soothed and powerful wearing the combination. They rock their looks and I unconditionally support what makes them feel fabulous. For my own style, I add high contrast white, cream or a bright to a dark combination because that makes me feel fabulous. How about you?