A handful of my casual clients do extremely well with items from Everlane. I’m also drawn to the simple, crisp and clean integrity of their relaxed merchandise, and have over the years ordered my fair share of items from the brand. So far, nothing has worked out 100% for me. Footwear was too wide or hard. Knitwear was too big in the smallest size, or the colours didn’t tickle my fancy.

I don’t give up on retailers that easily, so I kept on trying because I like the Everlane design sensibility and price point. Their quality can be inconsistent, but it’s fair to say that of most retailers these days. After seeing our forum members rock Everlane’s Cotton Mock Neck Cropped Sweater, I was motivated to try the pristine darling in white. I ordered the item and patiently waited for it to arrive.

Weeks went past, and nothing. I eventually tracked down the parcel, which had apparently been delivered weeks before that. The parcel was delivered to our old Seattle address. I wrote to customer service and explained the situation. Within minutes Everlane responded and apologized profusely. Without question, they shipped another sweater to the right address right away, and free of charge. WOW. I was greatly impressed.

The new order came a few days later. Excitedly, I ripped open the package and tried on the sweater. I liked the look, silhouette and quality, but it was a size too big. It was already the smallest size in the style so I couldn’t size down. Ordinarily, I’d have shipped back the order and moved on. But in this case I felt strangely loyal about keeping the item because Everlane had been awfully attentive and wonderful about reshipping another order unconditionally, promptly and free of charge.

I’ll see if I can shrink the sweater in the dryer after a laundry cycle since it’s 100% cotton. Failing that, I will donate it to Dress For Success Seattle, who will be all too happy to receive the item.