I often talk about the silhouettes of tops or toppers creating a flattering effect on shorter or longer necks. I assume that you knew whether you have a short, regular or long neck because it’s quite easy to tell. If you’re unsure, check out Imogen’s video on Inside Out Style on how to figure it out.

Basically, you take the widths of your hands without your thumbs and place them down the length of your neck until you hit the base of your collar bone. If you can place one hand down your neck, you have a regular length neck. If you can place more than a hand, your neck is on the longer side. Less than a hand, and your neck is on the shorter side. Make sure you sit up straight when you’re measuring.

This is not an exact science, but it does give you some idea. I know I have a very long neck because it’s easy to spot when I look at the proportions of my body. Imogen’s quick test confirms this. I can comfortably fit TWO hands AND an extra finger down the length of my neck until I hit my collar bone. My long neck looks even longer because it is exposed by my short hair. That’s why I like to shorten the length of my neck by wearing high necklines, and why V-necks are one of my worst necklines. The higher the neckline on my body type the better, and structure at the shoulder neck point is important.

Do the measuring test when you have a moment, and let us know in the comments what the test results yield. Does the test confirm your neck length suspicions, or are you surprised?