Earth tones are having their trendy moment, which means we’ll see lots of spice colours and shades of brown at retail for a while. These shades are on the warm side, but can be successfully remixed with cool tones. If you’re a redhead, please milk the earth tone trend because to my eye you wear earth tones best of all. That includes you if you have strawberry blonde hair, light ginger hair, rich auburn highlights, or burnt orange highlights.

I have a few redhead clients and friends, and my word do they look magical in shades of cinnamon, toffee, chocolate browns, cognac, gold, some mustards, burgundy, burnt orange, bronze and animal print because these earth tones pick up similar shades that run thought their hair and complexions. Visually the eye notices and likes that type of colour repetition. The effect is harmonious and striking.

My grandfather was a freckled redhead, so my mother was slightly freckled and had a warm auburn colour running through her light brown hair. She rocked earth tones, and wore mustard with the best of them. Her mother-of-the-bride outfit at our wedding was a metallic mustard sheath with bronze jacquard jacket. Enough said!

Are you a redhead who enjoys wearing earth tones? If not, do you enjoy seeing redheads in these rich spicy colours?

AUTOGRAPH Checked Cropped Short Jacket

Madewell Pleated Taper Wide Leg Pants in Desert Check