V-necklines create a V-shape below the base of the neck and on the décolletage. Sometimes garments have back V-necklines, which is fun and unexpected. V-necklines can be deep or shallow. Front V-necks that are to deep are annoying when they showcase too much cleavage, or require a camisole that interferes with the shape of the V. Back V-necks are great when they’re high enough to cover the bra strap.

A top or dress with a structured shirt collar creates a V-neckline when a few of the top buttons are worn unbuttoned. A more subtle yet effective V-neckline can be created when a long and chunky pendant necklace is worn over a higher neckline like a crew or turtleneck.

V-necklines are fabulous because of their elongating integrity. They visually flatten curvier top halves by creating space and breaking up the expanse. They also give you room to breathe. They create the most conventionally flattering effect on:

  • Larger busts
  • Shorter necks
  • Shorter waists
  • Broader shoulders
  • Petites

Many of my clients enjoy a V-neck because they are a slam dunk for their body type. After fifteen years of dressing women, I’m still in awe at how magically a V-neckline can minimize the size of the bust and lengthen the neck. Conversely, a high neckline does an excellent job of visually shortening the neck and increasing the size of the bust.

I’m seeing lots of dresses with V-necklines coming through for Spring and Summer, which we haven’t seen for years. That’s fabulous and a long time coming.

Personally, I avoid front V-necklines because I have the opposite of the body type that wears them well: a regular bust, regular waist, narrow shoulders and a very long neck. My short hair makes my neck look even longer. The higher the neckline, the better it’s suited to my body type. That said, I successfully wear a V-neckline when it’s a structured shirt collar with a few of the top buttons left open. That’s because the collar adds coverage to my long neck and shoulder neck point, especially when I pop the collar. I also enjoy wearing tops that have high necks in the front, and V-necks in the back.

Here are the V-necks in my wardrobe. Every item is a shirt collar accept for a blouse that has a high front neck, but dips to a V-shape in the back.

Over to you. Do you like and wear V-necks, and do you fit into the body type that wears them best?

BURBERRY Maringa Logo Patch Striped Wool and Cashmere-blend Knit Vest

Eloquii Puff Sleeve Overlap V-Neck Dress