This outfit formula is not about spicy earth tones, but about spicing up a casual or dressy Summer look in some small or large way. I’ve chosen four outfits that do just that in fairly unexpected ways. Copycat the look, or feel inspired to create your version. What’s important here is to do your own thing. This is 2019 and almost anything goes. We can create any outfit juxtaposition, feel fab and empowered in it, and be as dressy or casual as we want.

When I’m walking our Yorkie Sam along the Seattle waterfront or in the hustle and bustle of Belltown, I see it all. People in formal business attire, and people in gear. People in basic shorts and flip-flops, and people in very trendy outfits. Hoodies and biz casual. Athleisure and costume. Dresses and jeans. It’s ALL good.

1. Sporty Spice

I like Sporty Luxe combinations because they’re versatile, practical, and a bit glitzy. Here a sporty dress is combined with crisp sneakers. It’s finished off with a playful yet dressy and very structured bag, a polished and made-up face, arm candy, and super fun hair. To my eye, the finishing touches spice up the look.

Slayboo Plus Size Side Striped Slit Hoodie Dress

2. Simple Spice

Do not underestimate the power of intricate design detailing at the back of a garment because you are a 360 degree walking work of art. Back detailing is unexpected and interesting, and I try to wear it as often as I can. It’s especially effective with short hair, or hair that is tied up and pulled back. Here, a tank top looks basic from the front, but there’s a party at the back. The model’s edgy haircut and gigantic earrings further spice things up.

Eloquii Bow Back Sleeveless Top

3. Seductive Spice

Wearing a fitted knee-length or midi dressy dress with heels and jewellery is a classic way to spice things up. The combination almost always looks pulled together, womanly, and impressive. Here I’m loving the ‘90s nod to the Versace-eque chain pattern, the midi length, the sleeves, and front knot detailing. But you can wear any style of fitted or fit-and-flare dress and create seductive spice YOUR way.

Slayboo Plus Size Chain Print Twist Front Dress

4. Party Spice

This is my favourite retail model photo of the year. It oozes verve, confidence, and busloads of fun. The model and outfit are beautiful and brimming with happiness from top to toe. It cannot help but lift my mood! Fringed pants are a party all over, and not just at the back. They move and are dramatic in an awfully festive way. The wrap top creates alluring structure. The blue hoops and striped sandals add an effectively colourful playful integrity, and the model’s hair is an intricate design of elegance and art. MEGA spicy.

Eloquii Drama Fringe Pant