You bat for Team Neutral if you prefer wearing neutrals like black, white, all shades of grey, all shades of white, dark blue, blue denim, all shades of tan, olive and khaki, all shades of brown, metallics, and shades of toffee and taupe. You bat for Team Non-Neutral if you prefer wearing colours other than those. 

I LOVE wearing solid neutrals like shades of white, dark blue, gold and blue denim. I like wearing black, toffee, tan, cognac and olive in small doses. I LOVE wearing my favourite non-neutrals like tomato red, watermelon, citron, apple green, coral, Dutch orange, blush pink, light blue, turquoise, shocking pink and Tiffany blue.

At first I thought I couldn’t pick a side, since I have a wardrobe that is equally rich in neutrals and non-neutrals. I was going to sit this one out on the bench with a feast of magret de canard, sweet potato and carrot mash, broccoli, marmalade sauce, and homemade frozen yoghurt for dessert. But since Team Non-Neutrals will be a VERY small team, and wearing my favourite non-neutrals always lifts my mood, I’m batting for Team Non-Neutrals. I feel as calm, confident, serene and happy wearing brights from head to toe, as I do wearing blue and white.

Over to you. Do you bat for Team Neutrals or Team Non-Neutrals? Tell us why and no batting for both teams. Judging by what my clients, friends, family and our forum members wear, I think Team Neutrals is going to win this poll.