I’m seeing more and more women, across a range of ages and breast sizes, sport the bra-less look. Depending on the breast shape, the clothing and movement, the absence of the bra is sometimes more obvious than others. The trend seems to skew towards younger women.

There are good reasons to leave off the bra. Maybe the bra interferes with the cut or line of a top. Another perfectly understandable reason is that the bra feels uncomfortable. This is 2019, and wearing a bra is definitely more of a choice than an obligation.

That said, I bat for Team Bra. I’m old school in this regard, and I don’t like any jiggling at all. I like the visual shape and lift a great bra gives my bustline, especially in body-con tops. I find that wearing a supportive bra with underwire is a lot more comfortable than going without. Plus, I LOVE pretty bras, and enjoy wearing them. I’m a modest dresser, and wearing a bra makes me feel modest, polished and confident.

Over to you. Do you bat for Team Bra or Team No Bra? Tell us why, and no batting for both teams. If you can’t pick a side, feel free to sit this one out on the bench with salmon en croute, a green salad, and your favourite chocolate.

* A gentle reminder to be respectful and sensitive in your comments because this is a delicate subject.