Many of you wear them, apparently! At night, to sleep in, at home, on a casual day, or instead of a bra. Why is that, exactly? Comfort? Shape? The cut of a top or dress?

The last time I wore a bralette was in the late '80s, and with matching knickers. It looked sooooo pretty in the store in white. I had to have the set. But it was scratchy, uncomfortable, and had zero support. Did not feel fab. I wore it a few times and that was that.

Bralettes must have improved, and I'd like to hear more about them. I'd like to tell my clients and friends about the winners you wear. Please share your bra size with the bralette recommendation, because I suspect that will determine the type of bralette that works best.

I don't want to wear a bralette because I adore and am hopelessly devoted to wearing lacey underwire bras. Always been a bra gal, I guess. I have a regular size bust. Wear a 28D or 30D.

Talk to me about barrettes, please