I like to sport new wardrobe items as soon as possible. I’m quite happy wearing a new purchase right out the store if it matches what I’m wearing. When something new comes into my wardrobe, I’ll wear it that evening or the next day. Wardrobe items are there to be worn, and there’s no time like the present. I bat for Team Wear.

Sometimes I will buy wardrobe items knowing that I can only wear them in two to four months because the weather is wrong to wear them right away. When I see a winner that is especially hard to find or fit, I don’t wait till later to buy it because it will be gone in my size and in the colour I like best. I learned that the hard way. Plus, a winner is a winner, full stop. If you made the right decision, you should still love the item several months later.

The right dress and shoe can be hard to fit, so when I find them and they’re within my budget, I pounce. I did just that when I saw the Free People shirtdress and Sam Edelman ballet flats back in January. With snow on the ground and a distant hope for hot weather, I bought these darlings knowing I could only wear them in May. I patiently waited four months and today I’m wearing my new dress for the first time. I debuted the flats a few weeks ago. Love them!

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale for Fall and Winter merchandise is my favourite sale of the year. Because it’s in July, I usually have to wait two to three months to wear the heavier items. Again that’s just fine by me. It’s exciting to have new items waiting in the wings for the right weather.