It’s YLF tradition to head into the long Thanksgiving weekend with a stylish poll. You are on Team Scarf if you prefer wearing scarves to necklaces and vice versa. This race ended in a tie five years ago, and I expect the same results today. 

I LOVE my short white chunky pearl necklaces. I wear one of two real pearl strands almost every day. They are signature to my style, Modern Retro, work with most outfits, and complete my look. They effectively fill in the gap when necklines are a touch too wide, and provide a dressy polish and glam integrity to casual outfits. They also bookend my large assortment of white footwear.

I LOVE scarves, and my long neck wants to wear them. I wear scarves frequently because they provide excellent insulation in Spring, Autumn and Winter, (a must when you commute on foot in the elements a lot of the time.) I sometimes wear them in a dry Summer to keep the sun off my neck. I love how scarves add punch, pattern, texture and interest to an outfit. They are a marvelous colour vehicle and a way to create a complement that pulls together an outfit. I also have four “twinsets” where the scarves exactly match the blouses, dress and pullover. I enjoy that look, and want more of it. Here is my current collection of scarves:

The scarves that exactly match tops and a dress to create a twinset effect:

I can’t choose between necklaces and scarves. It’s Thanksgiving tomorrow, so for once you’re allowed to bat for both sides. I bat for both Team Necklace AND Team Scarf. Over to you.