Autumn used to be my favourite season. I love the textures, jackets, coats, boots, turtlenecks, scarves, gorgeous foliage, and crisp fresh air. These days I prefer Summer. I grew up in a tropical and Mediterranean climate, and seem to have come full circle with the type of weather that makes me happiest. 

We’ve lived in Seattle for fifteen years, and although everyone raves about the Summer here, it doesn’t satisfy my need for heat. It’s a mild 23 and 29 Celsius degrees most days (75 to 85 Fahrenheit). Sunny, no rain, and quite dry (about 42% humidity). Spending more time in Salt Lake City, where Greg works part of the time, has helped. Here it’s a sunny 38 Celsius (100 degrees Fahrenheit) on most days. Very hot, but also very dry with only 15-20% humidity. We were also fortunate to recently spend two weeks in hot and humid coastal Italy.

A lot of my love for Summer has to do with what I can wear in hot weather. I love wearing soft, breezy and flowing fit & flare dresses and knee-length A-line skirts without feeling cold. I enjoy wearing a single layer (with or without a camisole, depending on the humidity) instead of being all bundled up. I like to wear shoes that don’t need socks because my feet can breath. I enjoy the delicateness and prettiness of Summer fabrics, like lace, eyelet, tencel and Swiss dots. I enjoy the pretty Summer footwear like pointy-toe ballet flats and mules. I love sheer Summer fabrics like cotton and silk. I enjoy crisp, bright and cheerful Summer patterns. I adore the swoosh and movement of drapey Summer skirts and dresses on my legs. I like to showcase bare ankles with cropped pants and jeans, instead of insulating them with knee-highs, socks, and high-shaft boots.

I love how varied my style can be in Summer. In the colder months I’m focussed on feeling adequately warm, dry and insulated because I have little resistance to the cold. I therefore gravitate towards the same outfit formula far too often: jeans + pullover + boots + blazer/coat + scarf.

In Summer I can wear cropped white jeans and pants up to a 100 degrees as long as it’s very dry. I wear all sorts of dresses without a topper (but will bring one for a/c). I have fun wearing dainty skirts. I sport a wide selection of footwear instead of boots. I wear blouses, shirts, cotton knitwear, and knitted tops that I don’t wear at all at other times of the year. 

I feel more elegant and alluring because I’m not all bundled up. I’m feeling the breeze, energized by the warmth, and walking with a spring in a my step. I LOVE Summer style. How about you?

Eloquii Ankle Zip Jogger

Eloquii Tiered Midi Skirt

Eloquii High-Low Wrap Dress