We recently got back from a two-week trip to the Italian Amalfi Coast and it was absolutely FABULOUS. I had high expectations, which were more than met. We had the best time, first just the two of us in Positano, and after that with a group of old friends in Massa Lubrense. The picturesque scenery was breathtaking, the food sublime, the locals lovely, and the company even better.

My travel capsule worked extremely well, and here are the details.

Italy Travel Capsule

The first few days in Positano were very warm and not so humid, and then it got HOT for the rest of the trip. A very sunny 30-35 degrees Celsius during the day (86 to 95 Fahrenheit) with 92% humidity. It cooled down to 25 degrees Celsius (77 Fahrenheit) at night, but stayed humid. The humidity accentuated the heat, and for the most part there was no air conditioning. Thankfully, we had a/c in the car and in our bedrooms at night.

The most important part of my capsule was footwear, and I had VERY happy feet throughout the trip. We walked 10,000 to 20,000 steps a day, up and down hills and an extraordinary amount of steep stairs in blazing heat. Not one blister, sore arch, or even as much as a red mark on my feet. I did feel my calf muscles since it was 6000 steps from the the beach to our Positano hotel. WOW, it was quite the workout. Daily gelato gave us energy and kept us cool.

 I wore my loafers and mules the first few days, and then switched to sneakers and sandals for most of the trip. My huarache sandals were WINNERS, and I was very thankful I had them. The mules were not a good shoe for stair climbing, but they were perfect for walking to breakfast, lounging at the pool, and in the villa with our friends. I also bought a pair of lemon-patterned mules in Positano on our first day, which worked perfectly with my citron bag. Their narrow fit worked surprisingly well for my low-volume feet. I wore them out to dinner several times because why the heck not. Go Team Wear.

Lemon Loafers

I had planned to wear dresses, skirt and tops, and white jeans and tops during the day. Instead, I ended up wearing dresses and a skirt with tops, saving my white jeans for dinners at night. It was too humid to wear white jeans without a/c, but they worked well in the cooler evening when I felt like a fresh outfit. The jeans did a good job of protecting my legs from the mosquitos that descend on the Amalfi coast in large numbers at sunset.

Massa Lubrense

My dress and skirt outfits were perfect for me. Breezy, covered, comfortable, not constricting, relatively crease-free, polished, crisp, and easy to dress down with flats. The style quotient is high in Italy, so I’m extra glad I felt on trend, dressy, pulled together, and, most importantly, very comfortable.

My swimwear capsule was great, although I didn’t wear it as often as I had hoped. I wore it at the pool by the hotel, but didn’t end up swimming at the beaches. Too rocky, cold, slippery and salty. I lent my straw bag to dear friend Annie to wear at night because it matched her lovely outfits (a nice way to extend my capsule). I was extremely vigilant about sun protection, and wore my straw hat most of the time whilst slathered in sunscreen (and insect repellent). I came back tanned with zero sunburn and so did Greg, which we thought was quite the accomplishment!

Positano View

I wore my bag as a satchel most of the time, but was pleased to have it convert into a crossbody for airports, flights, and for our day in Naples. I wore one denim jacket at night by the beach on a day that was less hot, and my other denim jacket on all the flights. For the rest, they hung in my closet. I wore my pearls every day, and my sunnies all the time.

I highly recommend visiting this beautiful part of Italy, but avoid Summer unless you love the heat!