A few months ago, I recommended Natori sleepwear because the pieces are pretty, practical, covered, substantial, comfortable and alluring. Fabrics are soft and drapey, and seldom crease. Cuts are flattering, suiting a wide range of body types, and there’s a good assortment of fabrics, colours, sizes and patterns. So I ordered three Natori pieces because I wanted to up my sleepwear game and add a Modern Retro integrity to my Summer lounge and sleepwear look. I bought a nightgown, pyjama set and robe in the same fabric and pattern. Here are the exact items. 

Of course, you can have the best intentions when wanting to improve your sleep and loungewear look, but it’s risky. You have to commit to the items and road-test them. I don’t see a way around this. Thankfully the experiment was successful and I can add three more wild cards to my Spring and Summer list. 

I can scarcely believe how GREAT I feel wearing these items, and can kick myself for taking so long to try the silhouettes. They are extremely comfortable, breezy and easy to launder. They don’t crease, so they look polished. I was dead set against wearing a strappy nightie and robe because I thought they’d be uncomfortable, impractical and fussy. Well, I’m eating my words because as always, the devil is in the details. All I needed to do was find the right strappy nightie and robe.  

I’m enormously taken by how fabulous I feel sleeping in a woven midi chemise style night gown, and lounging in a silky pyjama set. So I’m looking for more of the same. Despite the heat, I have no trouble with the items being 100% polyester. Their silky texture, quality fabric and extremely drapey nature make them feel cool against my skin. Huge bonus that the polyester content prevents the items from creasing.

Setting aside your style biases and trying something new can work to your advantage. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Putting these items through their paces might have revealed that they weren’t for me at all. Luckily, this time the experiment worked out well.