Natori makes quality sleepwear. The pieces are pretty, covered, substantial, comfortable and alluring. Fabrics are soft and drapey, and seldom crease. Cuts are flattering, and suit a wide range of body types. There is a good assortment of fabrics, colours, sizes and patterns. On the downside, sizing can be inconsistent and sometimes runs large.

I wanted to carry through the Modern Retro theme that I created for my swimwear capsule into my Summer loungewear and sleepwear style because it looks elegant, feminine and dressy. But it was difficult to find a long kimono that fit with matching nightie or pyjamas in silhouettes with sufficient coverage, and in substantial WOVEN fabrics that don’t crease. The kimono had to be midi length, patterned, drape like a dream, and not overwhelm me. The nightie could be strappy as long as it was long and fairly covered. I didn’t want classic button-through pyjamas because I don’t feel fab in the silhouette. I’m fussy, and it was quite a tall order.

I eventually found a gorgeous set of three in exactly what I wanted: pyjama, nightie and robe in an “Ombre Floral”. These are wildcards as I give glam warm-weather loungewear and sleepwear a go.

  • Natori Ombre Floral Satin Robe: I was prepared to say "no" to Summer robes forever because they slide open and are very annoying. NOT this one. The cut and fabric are genius. It's long which helps you stay covered. It has an inner tie that keeps the front part secure. The wide belt is encased through a drawstring tunnel at the back that keeps it in position. The fabric hangs with heft and does not crease. BRILLIANT. Runs TTS.
  • N by Natori Ombre Floral PJ Set: If you want pyjamas with coverage but don't fancy the traditional button-through silhouette - TRY THIS. It's surprisingly flattering, and the cropped pants work extremely well with the cropped wide sleeves. The fabric hangs with heft and does not crease. It's not clingy and see-through thanks to substantial woven fabric and good drape. Excellent cut and very soft. Runs TTS.
  • N by Natori Ombre Floral Long Gown: This is a beautifully cut woven nightie that works on a range of body types. It does not cling, and the front isn't too low. The straps are adjustable, and the length is elegant. Not see-through or overly skimpy. Runs TTS.
  • Natori Shangri La Robe: An excellent knit robe for Team Tall. Flattering cut and ample coverage. Read the rave reviews.

Try Natori sleepwear and loungewear if you’re after something feminine, covered and comfortable.