The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has officially begun. After a week of early access to cardholders, it’s now open to all. Brand new merchandise for Fall and Winter 2018 will be discounted for two weeks only. Prices go back up on August 6

I spent a couple of weeks preparing and preselecting the sale with clients and it was AMAZING. We refreshed our wardrobes, had fun trying both predictable and wild card wardrobe items, took ourselves outside of our comfort zones, made discerning purchase decisions, and got a great start on the new colder weather dressing season. There was a higher percentage of warm weather merchandise at the sale this year, which was well received in Seattle’s current Summer heatwave.

Items ran out of stock faster than usual. The reason? Reduced inventory levels, an increase in the number of cardholders, a more desirable assortment of merchandise — your guess is as good as mine. But styles were restocked throughout the sale, which was quite a relief.

Along the way I noted the very best items that were slam dunk winners on clients. I’ve put together six top picks lists that might be helpful if you’re navigating the sale:

I’ve seen all of these items in person and on a range of body types and sizes, across petite, regular, plus and tall women. It’s a wide assortment of items, reflecting the range of lifestyles, style preferences and budgets of my clientele.

This year, Nordstrom did a GREAT job of extending size ranges in both directions. US0 and XXS were included across a larger merchandise assortment, and regular collections frequently went through to XXL and US18. Footwear included extended sizes and widths. There was also a larger selection of petite and plus sizes online. THANK YOU Nordstrom, for being more inclusive in your size specifications.

A few things to consider as you browse the lists:

  • I’ve collected one colour in each item, but be sure to browse through ALL the colour options.
  • Check whether the items are available in petite and plus because I’ve only provided the description in regular sizes. In some cases regular sizes can work on petites, and regular size ranges extend into larger sizes.
  • My descriptions are detailed and specific for a reason. They suggest a match for a particular body type, comfort level, lifestyle, or style preference.
  • Items do come back into stock throughout the fortnight of the sale, so be tenacious and keep checking back on the items that tickle your fancy.
  • At the end of each list there’s a link to the relevant collection page where you can see the items together with their descriptions.

Feel free to ask questions in the comments sections about my picks or any other NAS items, and I’ll do my best to help you out. We’ve also been discussing NAS items in the forum, which is particularly helpful because you can see the items across a range of body types. And please share your own winning purchases in the comments section below.