Fanny packs to some, and body bags, bum bags, belt bags or moon bags to others. A fanny pack is a bag on a belt. It’s worn like a belt around the waist or hips with the bag portion in front or off to one side. The newer way of sporting the fanny pack is to drape it across your body like a crossbody bag. Here’s a good visual.

Example - 1

Example - 2

Fanny packs come in an assortment of sizes, colours, solids, patterns and fabrics. Some are very small, which reduces the bulk and weight of the bag on the body, but leaves little space for more than a credit card and possibly a phone. Others are a lot roomier and can fit the kitchen sink, but they add bulk to your body and are heavy to traipse on the waist or torso.

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Aesthetically, they are an acquired taste, which keeps them on the fringe of fashion. You either think they’re fun and unique, or awful. Fanny packs can be very practical and comfortable when they aren’t heavy or bulky. They are a great hands-free option, and a good one for travel. They can also provide a lovely waistline adornment if you like to define the waist and attract attention to it. You might need to take off the fanny pack when you sit down.

On the other hand, fanny packs can make you feel lopsided and unbalanced when they’re heavy. They attract attention to the waist which might not be your cup of tea. They can cut across the bust in an unflattering and uncomfortable way when you wear them across the body. They can also look jarring poking out on one side of the body.

I like them, and would try a dressy fanny pack just for fun, because I LOVE handbags. I don’t fancy the casual ones for my style, although I liked the casual one I had in the late ‘80s as a student. They are a hands-free practical option, and look super cute to my eye. I like to define my waist and wear belts, and this would be one way to do that. I don’t carry a lot in my handbag, but I’d have to see if my big iPhone, wallet, lipstick and keys would fit into one and still feel comfortable.

Over to you. What’s your take on the fanny pack fringe trend?