On this American day of Independence, we’re taking it easy with a poll. You’re on Team Black & White if you prefer pairing white with black, and on Team Blue & White if you prefer white with blue. NOTE: All shades of blue count. 

This one took some thought. Eight years ago I would have been firmly on Team Black & White. Black with a cool optical white in Summer, and black with a warm cream for colder months. Graphic, gorgeous, bold and classic. Then I discovered dark blue and haven’t looked back. Over the years I’ve been limiting the amount of black in my wardrobe and substituting it with shades of dark blue because it makes me happier. Greg prefers me in dark blue these days too. I also LOVE to wear lighter shades of blue with white in the Summer. Although I still enjoy wearing black and white, especially in patterns, I wear blue and white more frequently. I bat for Team Blue & White on this leg of my style journey.

My clientele are an even split, which is how I expect this poll to finish. Over to you. Do you bat for Team Black & White, or Team Blue and White? No batting for both teams, but feel free to hang out on the bench if you can’t decide. I’m serving a warm salmon salad with Dutch new potatoes and cucumber yoghurt dressing. Gelato for dessert. Happy July 4th!

Eloquii Stripe Tie Waist Jacket

BEAUFILLE Damia Striped Ribbed-knit Midi Dress