I love to wear a bit of make-up and do so daily. I find that it adds polish and definition to my physical features. That said, I’m not a make-up gal. I do not enjoy browsing make-up counters and am not in the slightest bit enticed to try new products. I am loyal to my make-up products, and will wear and replenish the same items for years. The only times I change up my products is when the colour or item is discontinued, or when I’ve discovered a new need. Then I haul myself off to a make-up counter — usually Nordstrom or Sephora — and try to find the next set of make-up products that I can run with for as long as I can.

The colours of my Laura Mercier and YSL lipsticks were discontinued, and I eventually found a replacement. Urban Decay’s Vice Lipstick in a shade called, “Sheer Liar” is the winner. It’s extremely subtle and looks like a soft gloss, taking on the exact colour of my lips. I love the waxy and moisturizing texture. It does not leave a pigment on your lips. I like a very subtle colour on my lips because I prefer to define my eyes more strongly, and don’t want to sport a bold lip and a bold eye.

I usually don’t use facial powder because I prefer my skin to look shiny or dewy, instead of matte. But my recent fringe growth, and the use of hair product on my long fringe, has caused a little too much shine on a small section of my forehead just behind the fringe. I went straight to the Laura Mercier counter to ask if they had a gentle product that would prevent the shine. Laura Mercier’s Smooth Focus Pressed Setting Powder for the win. It’s colourless, invisible, and effectively blots up the shine without a matte and powdery visual effect. A GREAT product.

I like Bobbi Brown’s Pot Rouge for Lips & Cheeks, although I only use it on my cheeks. It’s moisturizing for my dry skin and also quite subtle. My favourite shade “Rasberry” was discontinued, so now I’m using “Rose.”

Here are all of the make-up products I use, and most of them for a very long time because things don’t need fixing when they aren’t broken. I’d much rather look at handbags and shoes, than stroll through the make-up counter.

Over to you. How have you updated your make-up products this year?