Last time we talked about sunscreen products, but hats are a great way to add an extra layer of sun protection. This time of the year you see all types of hats pop up in the stores:

The Guardian reports that it’s all about the “giant straw hat” this Summer.

The Huffington Post agrees, and shows us examples from the catwalk and Instagram if you need inspiration on how to wear one.

Allure has rounded up some wide-brimmed hats, which do a good job of keeping the sun off your face and neck.

From cloche hats to boater hats, here are more fun options if you are in the market for a straw hat.

Fab Links from Our Members

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SarahD8 liked this article by a woman who has adopted a personal “dress code”: “The way she has honed in on a color palette and narrow range of silhouettes that work for her (not necessarily what’s trendy) is pretty inspiring. I also found the distinction she makes at the end about clothing as self-expression vs. an outlet for creativity thought-provoking.”