The snow and ice is gone, the sun is out, and temperatures are up. That means showcasing your feet in sandals, mules, slides, and pumps with open heels. Or wearing closed Summer shoes — like ballet flats, loafers and oxfords — without socks. 

The transition from wearing socks and boots to open footwear and footwear without socks requires some foot prep. Here are six tips that will help you to have happy Summer feet.

1. Pedicure

Well-groomed feet make open footwear shine, and add polish to your look. They also make your feet feel healthy and extra clean. Get a professional pedicure, or take time to give yourself one. Paint your toes if that’s your thing.

2. Moisturize

If pedicures aren’t your thing, give yourself a couple of minutes to moisturize your feet. Slather those heels if you’re a mules wearer. Moisturizing feet twice a day is effective with countless lotions and potions at your disposal. I’m going to try Gold Bond Softening Foot Cream after hearing good things about the goo.

3. Blister Balm

Use some sort of anti-chafing balm like Body Glide, Foot Glide, or Blister Block to prevent blisters and sore red spots from forming in blister prone areas on the feet. All my footwear is comfortable, but when I know I’m going to be walking for longer during the day, I rub the balm liberally on the areas of my feet that are blister prone and pop on my shoes as usual. You can’t feel the balm on the skin and it’s not sticky. If necessary, I reapply after four or five hours of walking.

4. Break in the Sandals

Sometimes, your feet need to get used to wearing naked sandals – new or old – after wearing covered boots and socks for half the year. Break in the process by wearing sandals, mules, slides and the like for a couple of hours on the first first few days of wear. Build up to wearing open shoes with the help of a blister balm.

5. Silicone Toe Protectors

Blister balm helps, but might not be enough protection for the very blister prone spots on your feet despite the enormous comfort of the rest of the shoe. I’m trying silicone protectors for my pinky toes that seem to rub after a while in any shoe that I wear with bare feet. You can feel the protector on your toes, but it’s not an uncomfortable feeling. So far it’s helping. Of course, you can only wear the protectors when your toes are covered in Summer shoes like loafers, ballet flats, mules, pumps and sneakers.

6. No-Show Socks

No-show socks are a great solution for loafers, oxfords, sneakers and pumps if they stay on your feet. Stance’s invisible socks are popular with clients and our forum members because they’re thin, comfortable, and tend to stay on your feet.

I don’t enjoy pedicures, but LOVE the visual results, so I get those fairly regularly. I’m still on Team Naked Nails and use a clear nail strengthener instead of polish. I moisturize my feet twice a day, use a blister blocker most days, and I’m testing the silicone protectors. I’ve given up on no-show socks, because I don’t have the foot volume to fill them out and they keep falling off. I have yet to wear my sandals this year, but will be diligent about breaking them in.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. Feel free to share your Summer feet prep strategies in the comments section.