I wanted to comment on an experience I had recently with no-show socks...it was quite eye opening and maybe will help others.

I recently bought new all-day walking sneakers. The are Nikes, supposedly a new version of one of their very first models. I compared a bunch of black Nikes (wow they make a LOT of models) and decided to go for these. My feet LOVE them. I wore them on my recent trip to New Mexico and they were great in every setting, worn with socks like the grey ones below. I felt like I was walking/running on air while making my too-short airport connection

One day I tried wearing them with smartwool no-show socks similar to the last find below, the kind that come halfway up your foot but are still invisible. In the past I've had a problem where socks like these rub on my foot under the laced part of a sneaker but I just ignored it. The problem was really bad that day in NM. I had thought it was because the laces were too tight, but loosening them didn't help. It turned out the elastic of the sock was cutting into the top of my foot where there are a lot of nerves, blood vessels, and tendons but very thin skin, in a way that caused some serious pain and a feeling that my nerves were on fire. I took off the socks, and fortunately the sneakers have a soft fabric lining so I was ok not wearing any socks for the rest of the day. I don't generally like the feel of sneakers against bare foot skin but I was desperate! So, no more of those socks that hit in the middle of the instep for me. Not sure how I'll make that work for my two pairs of fashion sneakers but at least I know the solution now.