I travel to the Netherlands four times a year to hang out with my Dad. When I’m there, I throw in a bit of shopping with dear friend Inge, who drives through from Antwerp for the day. We have a ball, catching up on everything and enjoying some Dutch retail therapy. 

On my recent trip in November, I bought some Autumn and Winter wardrobe items. The exact items are represented in the collection below:

  • Orange cashmere pullover
  • Casual flat navy booties
  • Holiday clutch
  • Graphic Mod dress
  • Graphic Mod scarf

Someone on the forum recently asked how I decided on these particular items, so here’s some of the thinking behind the purchases.

  • I don’t have a rigid shopping list, nor do I buy items that I have in abundance. I am careful with my purchases because I want to keep my wardrobe moderately sized and wear the heck out of my clothes.
  • I like to get items on my trips that are hard to get back in Seattle.
  • I had navy boots on my shopping list because I passed on two uncomfortable pairs this year. Since dark blue is my black, I missed my navy boots (and so did my lonely navy bag that needed its footwear buddy). The navy boots had to be flat, tailored, simple, sleek, smart casual, beautifully made, and very comfortable. I found exactly what I wanted.
  • I had a clutch for this year’s holiday outfits on my list because my rose gold party complement needed refreshing. The clutch had to work with a tonal burgundy vibe and fit my large iPhone. I did not want to spend a designer price on the bag. I hadn’t planned on suede, but loved the equestrian saddle bag vibe of the clutch I found in a versatile cherry red.
  • I was NOT allowed to buy neutral knitwear because I’m sorted, but a colour was fine because I wear warm knitwear into Spring and never tire of my happy colours. The orange pullover did not fill a wardrobe hole, but was a fun addition to my new Burgundy capsule and the cropped silhouette was different. The orange also looks great with all my blue.
  • I was NOT allowed to buy a coat unless it was turquoise.
  • I was NOT allowed to buy jeans, blouses or skirts.
  • I was open to another fun, short fashion puffer jacket, but didn’t see one.
  • I’m always looking for flattering dresses with longer sleeves and sufficient length, across the seasons. When I came across the Mod patterned frock, I was intrigued. I didn’t have anything like it, and I liked the graphic pattern. The fit was fluid and not body-con. Nice sleeves and a good length. It would work with my tall ink blue boots, blazer, gilet, and several of my coats. It also had a matching scarf. The concept was unique, so that was that.
  • I was open to fun woolly trousers, but didn’t find a pair.

I have an effective, cohesive wardrobe of items that are in good condition, fit well, fulfill my needs, and make me happy. As a result, I seldom have glaring wardrobe needs. Most of my purchases are about adding that next layer of newness so that I keep my fashion feet moving and don’t get bored with my style.

Navy Booties