With Inge, of course. VERY fun as always.

  • Orange Cropped Cashmere Jumper. Gorgeous with shades of blue and burgundy. (Might get the matching scarf and beenie for Xmas).
  • Cherry Red Holiday Clutch. Stunning quality and reasonably priced. See this thread. Tonal red from head to toe this year.
  • Casual Flat Navy Booties: My old heeled pair are two high with a two inch heel, and the flat ones I bought last year rub my shins. Both pairs are passed on. These are PERFECT. Beautifully made, polished, and complement my wardrobe pet. See photo for them on my feet. Very tidy slim fit and ultra comfortable. They have a bit of gold hardware at the back that kicks things up a notch.
  • Graphic Mod Dress: Fluid fit. NOT body con. They didn't have it in my size, but Inge is sending it to me after she found it! WOOOHOOOO. Excited. Fab with both pairs of tall boots.
  • Graphic Mod Scarf: It matches the dress perfectly (from the same collection in store, "Expresso", where Inge hit the jack top). It looks garish in the pics but it's gorgeous once you wrap it, and wear it with the dress. Looks nice with the orange jumper too.

I AM DONE. It's been a brilliant shopping season. Thanks for looking. xo