Style Fan, YES, the dress is in your colours. You're a honey.

I love the mod dress. I think it would look great with tall boots.

Angie, I’m sure the boys love having you back.

how is Sam around your pom poms?

I have a feeling your dog has better impulse control around fun accessories than mine. Fuzzy stuff gets “beagled” a lot in our house.

Kari, see pic. Sam LOVES my pom-poms.

JAileen, that's the plan.

Oh, my! Sam had better be at work guarding that hawl. The navy booties and the dress with its co-ordinating scarf are sensational, but everything looks wonderful. I hope that Santa brings you the matching scarf and beanie for that orange jumper. Can it be worn over the dress to create a skirt and sweater look?

The navy boots and orange sweater look perfect and I love the dress. Your pom-pom matches Sam and he approves.

That dress is so pretty. Great colors, shape and sleeves, wow. Those treasures seem perfect for you. Happy dance Inge scored the right size for you!

What a fabulous collection of new items, Angie. They look so amazing together. I especially like the boots, what a find. And comfortable too!
I hope you’ll show us your dress on you some day.

It’s all fab and I especially LOVE the dress. What a find!

I love your new pieces. And they work so well together.

Knockout pieces for a knockout!

I love the dress and scarf. Graphic and retro. And the blue boots are fab. I recently bought blue shoes for summer here. So snap!

Wow, I want that dress! ...and the booties...and the scarf...and the jumper...and the bagie, too!:-) the navy booties....and that the dress and scarf match, how perfect is that!

Wow! Your shopping skills are the BEST but of course we knew that Everything is so lovely. That dress is one of the best modern versions of the 60s mod style I've ever seen and cannot wait to see it on you. I know you are not doing official outfit postings these days but you MUST do a quick one on this dress! The pompoms are adorable but i'm not getting any..I'm sure my kitties would assume they are prey and kill them.

Lovely items, nice colors, I especially love booties, the color is great with your bag wonderful.

Stunning! All are FAB, but sspecially fan of the booties and sweater. You should get the orange scarf and beanie!

Bijou my Westie loves pom poms, so cute that Sam is into them too (must be a terrier thing). The mod dress is going to be incredible on you - you are perfect for that in every way. I love how you buy in compliments (dress and co-ordinating scarf) so that when you wear things, you have a range of items that work with it and can cater to different weather conditions.

Congratulations on knowing when you are DONE for the season too. You are a great role model for me, as I need to know when I have enough to see me through and not get tempted to buy just because I can. Better to save for the next season and buy something that I really need.

These are so nice! Love the booties and bag especially and gotta love a bright orange sweater!

The footwear is SO MUCH BETTER in Europe! Stunning boots in a unique color. And the orange sweater is incredible. I love, love, love the color. You make me want to hunt down a shade of orange I can wear!

Joy and harmonica, maybe you can speak to Santa for me?

Shevia, Sam is MOST impressed with my pom-pom style. He votes it best (with an ulteria motive….)

mtnsofthemoon, Barbara Diane, jlpp, kkards, RobinF and Mirjana, you always say nice things, and I’m very appreciative of them.

Elizabeth P, good to see you chime in. Missed you.

Nadya, I can see you in the dress.

Brooklyn, woooohooo. Go Team Blue Shoes. Lets see them on. (The colours of the dress are gorgeous with your hair).

Lyn67, you crack me up.

Chris, you are sweet and adorable. Sam thinks all toys are prey, like your kitties. He’s a terrier.

Oh, Bijou, your words are therapeutic. Thanks for being the LOVELY person that you are.

Laura, all you have to do is become a red head again, and you can wear orange. YES - Euro footwear is very practical.

Great everything! Loving the boots with your bag.

You are all about the Chelsea boots!

The colors in this collection look like your Dutch and American identities are at battle over you

I’m curious: what did your shopping list look like? Did you have boot and dress shaped holes in your wardrobe, or was this a good old “shopping trip for x season” like my mom used to do, (hers were always very dependent on what was featured)? I know that your needs are very different from mine, but I can still learn from how you do it. Right now, I have few holes to plug up and more purging to do, but it won’t be that way forever, so I’m asking about shopping when you already have a good wardrobe

Gorgeous new things! I especially adore the booties, they are just lovely.

You have exquisite taste!

Oooh I'll take one of each, too! Especially the dress and the navy boots. And the cashmere. And the little multi pompom (which I know is from before, but still!). GREAT haul, double fun to get to shop with Inge for them. Now time to sit back and enjoy the rest of the season with your new (and old!) pretties ^^

Smittie, do you have navy boots? You need a pair for YOUR blue Furla.

Fashiontern, good question. Here's the answer, and I hope it makes sense:

  • Had navy boots on my list (passed on two uncomfortable pairs this year). Had to be flat, tailored, simple and very comfy.
  • Had holiday clutch for this years outfit on my list. Had to go with the tonal burgundy vibe. Did not want to spend a designer price on the bag.
  • Was NOT allowed to buy neutral knitwear, but a colour was fine. Cropped orange did not fill a hole, but is a fun addition to the Burgundy capsule, and looks great with all my blue.
  • Was NOT allowed to buy a coat unless it was turquoise.
  • Was NOT allowed to buy jeans, blouses or skirts.
  • Was open to another fun, short fashion puffer jacket, but didn't see it.
  • I'm always looking for flattering dresses with sleeves that are long enough, and across all the seasons. This one had a matching scarf - bonus fun.
  • Was open to fun trousers, but didn't find any.

Lisa, you're a honey.

Well, Aida, I can see you in ALL the items I bought. No surprise! We like the same colours, textures, patterns and silhouettes - even have the same items hanging in our closets - yet our styles are visually very different. It's very fun.

That’s very helpful, especially the “banned” items parts. I see how I could set up green (actively seeking), yellow (open to/ permitted to get) and red (verboten) categories. Thank you.

Shopping with Inge is a treat onto itself. I had seen that bag on your thanksgiving outfit and was drooling over it and now those boots , exquisite.
You always find the most beautiful made items and these ones are unique and with happy beautiful colors.
I enjoy reading about your 'shopping list and rules ', the rules you set ( and follow ) in your wardrobe construction have been keeping it in an happy place, a fashionable and fabulous happy place