If you're interested in the thought process. Here is the thread for context:


Fashiontern, asked a good question:

I’m curious: what did your shopping list look like? Did you have boot and dress shaped holes in your wardrobe, or was this a good old “shopping trip for x season” like my mom used to do, (hers were always very dependent on what was featured)? I know that your needs are very different from mine, but I can still learn from how you do it. Right now, I have few holes to plug up and more purging to do, but it won’t be that way forever, so I’m asking about shopping when you already have a good wardrobe".

Here's the answer, and I hope it makes sense:

  • Had navy boots on my list (passed on two uncomfortable pairs this year). Had to be flat, tailored, simple and very comfy.
  • Had holiday clutch for this years' outfit on my list. Had to go with the tonal burgundy vibe. Did not want to spend a designer price on the bag.
  • Was NOT allowed to buy neutral knitwear, but a colour was fine. Cropped orange did not fill a hole, but is a fun addition to the new Burgundy capsule, and looks great with all my blue. Orange and blue are a match made in heaven.
  • Was NOT allowed to buy a coat unless it was turquoise.
  • Was NOT allowed to buy jeans, blouses or skirts.
  • Was open to another fun, short fashion puffer jacket, but didn't see it.
  • I'm always looking for flattering dresses with sleeves that are long enough, and across all the seasons. This one had a matching scarf - bonus fun.
  • Was open to fun trousers, but didn't find any.

And here are items that followed me home - for visual recap.