This ensemble was inspired by a scarf I bought to complement a new pair of Bordeaux booties. Both items work well with my new brown specs and Bordeaux belt. The deep, warm, rich burgundy in the scarf is tempered by a cool light blue. I thought the pairing delicious, so the scarf followed me home. 

You might not like to drink your red wine with ice, but the colour combination is unique. Think of any way to pair a shade of burgundy with light blue. Bonus if your eyes are light blue. Faded denim counts as light blue, and any shade of dark red can work as wine. Rose gold complements the palette.

Here are some renditions to get you started. 

Wine and Faded Jeans

Combine a pair of light blue jeans with a burgundy top and burgundy jacket or cardigan. Add a scarf in the same colour combination. Finish off with burgundy footwear and light blue bag. Blush pink or rose gold footwear is as fab. 

Wine Dress and Blue Topper

Combine a burgundy dress with a light blue denim jacket, moto, blazer or coat. Finish off the outfit with tall burgundy boots, booties or pumps. Blush and rose gold footwear look equally fab. Hosiery and scarf are optional. Choose a light blue bag, or one that matches the footwear.

Wine Skirt and Light Blue Top

Combine a burgundy skirt with light blue blouse, shirt or pullover. Choose burgundy pants or jeans if skirts aren’t your thing. Add a light blue or burgundy topper. Finish off with burgundy, blush or rose gold footwear, and a bag that matches the palette. Add jewellery, eyewear and watch as desired.

Ensemble: Wine on Ice