Dresses (and skirts) worn with tall boots are on trend. The combination isn’t new, although it might be new-for-you. If you’re not already wearing the combination, you might want to try it this season to change things up. I know I do. 

I like the ‘70s inspired dress and boot combinations below. Modern Retro Fabness, which is looking fresh after years of relentless booties and cropped pants. The outfits combine knee-covering midi dresses worn with tall heeled boots. The waist definition and sleek sleeves of the frocks add structure to the outfit. Tall tailored boots add further structure. Defining the waist elongates the leg line from the waist down. The obi belt is optional. 

I love the length of the dress worn with the length of the boots. No skin and completely covered. The fluidity of the skirt and the soft fabric are important components to my eye. You want the dress to flare, and move in motion. A straight sheath does not create quite the same elegant, graceful and sensual effect. The shorter Tomboy man coat looks fabulous over the top, creating a modern juxtaposition. I also like that the frocks are patterned.

Boden Ellis Coat

Boden Erica Dress

Mango Leather High-leg Boots

I have the tail tailored boots and some of my coats could work (see the exact pieces from my wardrobe in the collection). All I need is the dress. I’ve tried on a few already, but they’ve been too frilly and lightweight. The search continues. What do you think of the combination?