My clients’ sartorial preferences, lifestyles, environments, body types and need for outfit variety runs the gamut. From modern classic, preppy, pretty, boho, punk, architectural, rocker and avant-garde looks, through to tomboy, arty, eclectic and hard-edged.

They include corporate execs, stay-at-home Mums, lawyers, judges, engineers, designers, doctors, editors, retirees, marketers, accountants, realtors, financial advisors, fundraisers, archeologists, writers, movie critiques, project managers, life coaches, property developers, documentary makers, professors and teachers. Their ages range from twenty-five to eighty plus. Environments range from funky urban city life to tranquil countryside settings. Petite, regular and plus across a diverse set of complexions and colour palette preferences. Wardrobe sizes vary, from the largest of walk-in-closets to compact armoires. 

Despite the differences in the internal and external factors that affect the styles of my clientele, there has been some common ground in their needs and preferences this year, and particularly over the last three months. Fascinating. 

1. Tall Boots

Almost all of my clients have pulled their tall boots out of hibernation, bought a new pair, or have them on their shopping list. It’s been fabulous to style the tall darlings — both casual and dressy — into outfits again. Refreshing. 

The satisfying part has been seeing tall boots come out of hiding that look current, are comfortable, and fit superbly well. Tall boots are hard to fit, so it’s quite the a relief. Good thing clients held onto their tall boots despite going off them for a while.

2. Dresses & Skirts

This trend goes hand in hand with the desire to wear tall boots, and to get out of jeans, cords, and trousers for at least some of the time. Heeled dressy tall boots are fabulous, but can feel “too much” in casual settings as some of my clients have expressed. For comfort and lifestyle reasons, clients therefore want to wear their casual flat riding boots with dresses, skirts and culottes, so we’ve been working on creating those combinations.

3. Structure

Most clients are craving structure in their style. Even clients whose signature looks are oversized, slouchy, architectural and avant-garde are looking to add structure to their look. We’re back to adding tailored jackets, gently fluid tops, waist belts, tucking tops to showcase fitted waistlines, fitted skirts and dresses, and tailored footwear. Reducing slouch has been quite the fashionable priority.  

4. Larger Assortment of Neutrals 

Clients are keen to flesh out the neutral components of their wardrobe. They typically stick to wearing two or three neutrals, feeling that it simplifies their style and makes it easier to manage their wardrobe and create outfits. That said, variety comes from wearing multiple neutrals in an outfit. For example, clients who chose black as their dark neutral will add ink, navy and deep olive to their wardrobes. Some will also add chocolate brown. The same holds true for light neutrals. The more neutrals you have in your wardrobe, the easier it is to create an assortment of neutral outfits, and add a new colour to your look. 

5. Full-Length Pants & Jeans 

The cropped pants and jeans trend has been relentless for five years, and actually quite practical for wet Seattle. Covering the oh-so-alluring ankle provides a fresh look for Fall and Winter. It also means covering cute bootie ankle detailing, which isn’t so fab. So many of my clients are choosing to balance wearing cropped looks with full-lengths this season. 

6. Lightly Distressed to Un-Distressed Denim

Retail has saturated the market with distressed denim and its very hard to find a pair of jeans sans distressing. While clients are generally fine to wear medium distressed denim (and some are fine to wear very distressed denim), they want the option of wearing lightly or un-distressed denim too. Versatile, smart casual, and excellent for casual Fridays in the office. The search continues. 

Of course, my clients also share the same fashion trends that we’re all exposed to, a desire to refresh their styles, and whatever influence I have on their sartorial choices. Do the six points above resonate with you too?