By neutrals, I mean black, shades of grey, white, brown and navy, as well as blue denim, tan and olive. In my experience most people prefer to have a neutral-rich or entirely neutral wardrobe, which makes a lot of sense. For example, here are six good reasons to prefer neutrals off the top of my head. 

They are versatile

Neutrals are known for their strong mix-and-match utility. You can ground any non-neutral with the right neutral. Neutrals also work well together. Building an assortment of light and dark neutrals into your wardrobe makes it easier to create a larger set of fabulous outfits. The more neutrals you have, the easier it is to successfully introduce non-neutrals into your style, AND create neutral-rich outfit combinations that look interesting. Gone are the  days that wearing black with one neutral is the only way to go. Wearing dark blue with cream, black, brown and grey in one outfit is fabulous.

They are soothing

Colours create an emotional reaction more than any other design detail. Neutrals tend to have a calming affect on our psyches because we frequently see them represented in nature. And it’s good to feel calm. 

They have longevity

The soothing and calming effect of neutrals gives them a timeless quality that exudes strength. You can grow tired of neon pink, but the same item in ink blue spreads joy over and over again. 

They blend in

Most people wear them, so wearing neutrals generally makes you blend into your environment, both visually and emotionally. Blending is a good thing when you don’t want to defy your environmental norm. 

They are less memorable

You might be reluctant to wear the same bright red coat day after day because it’s “too memorable” and people will notice the repetition. You might be happier to wear a less eye-catching charcoal version a lot more frequently. 

You prefer them

I shout this from the roof tops. LISTEN TO YOUR FEELINGS. Creating a successful style, and feeling fabulous in your outfits is about constant soul searching. You have to consistently check in with what makes you happy, and apply what you’ve learned when you create outfits and manage your wardrobe. If neutrals make you very happy, make sure you have a neutral-rich wardrobe.

Of course, neutrals are not for everyone. Wearing neutrals every day can become boring and limiting for the wearer. Variety is the spice of life. In this case make sure you have an assortment of non-neutrals in the right wardrobe items to make the difference. Throw in non-neutral accessories instead of clothing, add muted colours in larger doses, or make a bold statement in a bright once in a while.

Also, neutrals are gorgeous, but they might not be the most flattering colour choices for you. A non-neutral can flatter your complexion more than a neutral. This is especially true when it brings out the blues and greens in your eyes, the pinks and peaches in your skin, or the orange, purple and burgundy in your hair. 

I bat for both teams. I LOVE wearing both neutrals and non-neutrals. Generally, I find neutrals very practical, but the colours that make me happiest are non-neutrals. My wardrobe has them in roughly equal amounts, and I enjoy sporting the change in palette throughout the week. I also enjoy adding one bright item to a neutral outfit because it can lift my spirits and look unique.

The neutral component of my wardrobe has a lot of variety. I have as many light neutrals as I do dark, and enjoy mixing them up. I will wear ink blue, olive, black, cream and pearl grey in one outfit. I favour shades of white, dark blue and blue denim, but I also have black, grey, toffee, cinnamon, cognac, brown and olive. As a result, I can add almost any colour that tickles my fancy into my wardrobe because there’s a good chance I’ll find a support act for the item. Having a wardrobe that is rich in both neutrals and non-neutrals might seem hard to manage, but if you have a high affinity for colour mixing, it’s a winning wardrobe strategy.