Universal Standard is a new-to-me brand that launched a couple of years ago. There are pop-up stores across the US, and online item availability from stores like Nordstrom. The size range covers US10 to 28, which is a very under serviced segment in the market. The aesthetic is modern and minimal. Solids and neutrals reign supreme. Silhouettes are simple, but not basic and boring. Fabrics, like their merino wools, are luxurious. 

I haven’t seen the product in person yet, but trust the good reviews of our stylish, savvy and well put together forum members. They rave about the brand. There are showrooms in NYC and Seattle if you’d like to fit the items on in person. 

The first thing that struck me is how relaxed BUT STRUCTURED the silhouettes are. Fluid, but generally quite tailored. Nothing hangs on the models like a shapeless tent or an avant-garde piece. Waistlines are hinted at or defined. Hems and welts are tapered back to the contour of the body. A body-con fit is not your friend if things cling in all “the wrong places,” and highlight the areas that you’re self-conscious about. That’s why a tailored fit, or a fluid style with lots of structure is your best bet if you want to look the most streamlined or “slim.” Accentuating the narrowest parts of the body without clinging to them generally creates a flattering effect across all body types, and makes you feel attractive. That’s exactly the fit that Universal Standard have chosen. Good job. 

Items also look comfortable and versatile. They can be remixed into all sorts of capsules, and with more dramatic pieces. If you’re not a neutral gal, remember that you can add colour into an outfit through footwear, bag, scarf, fingernail polish and eyewear. 

Thanks to Universal Standard for servicing a market that is a missed retail opportunity. I’m excited to see the items in person.