The ensemble was inspired by a friend’s outfit, and my recent travel capsule that combined denim with blush and a bit of citron. Here are the exact items from my wardrobe that I used to create looks based on the colour palette. 

Think of any way at all to combine blush with denim with a bit of citron. Here are some combinations to get you started. Blush is versatile and can function like a neutral, so I used it for the footwear in these ensembles.

White Jeans, Citron Top & Blush Accents 

Combine white jeans with a solid or patterned citron top. Finish off the look with blush shoes and bag. A denim blue jacket is a nice way to top the garment, should you need an extra layer. 

Denim Skirt, Blush Top & Citron Bag

Combine a blue denim skirt with a blush top and blush footwear. Add a citron bag. A citron scarf is another way to add citron if you leave your bag by your desk at work. A blush scarf can create a fab tonal look with the blush top.

Blue Jeans, White Top, Blush Shoes & Citron Bag 

Combine blue jeans with a white top, blush shoes and citron bag. A scarf in blush or citron is optional. I like to throw in a coral jacket as a third colour here, but that’s quite the acquired taste. Add jewellery, watch and eyewear as desired.

Ensemble: Blush, Citron & Denim