Greg has been working in Salt Lake City, Utah, part of the time. So recently Sam (our Yorkshire Terrier) and I joined him there for nine days. We road-tripped down from Seattle and it was great fun. Sam is a Road Trip Rockstar. Very portable at 6 pounds, and as good as gold. He got lots of attention because he makes people smile. 

I’m also smiling because I finally had what I call a PROPER Summer, with regular daytime highs of 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celsius.) It was a very dry heat, so not sticky and quite manageable. Sam and I were out and about for a lot of the day, walking around in the hectic heat with intervals of air conditioning. We LOVED the weather. Sam isn’t worried about the heat as long as he stays hydrated. Trooper!

My travel capsule worked out well. I had excellent resistance to the heat and stayed covered with the right fabrics for sun and heat protection. My footwear — the most important part of my travel capsule — was fabulous too. These are the shoes that I packed for the trip:

I’m not used to walking around in these types of Summer temperatures anymore because it’s usually so much milder in Seattle. I’d forgotten that my feet swell in the hectic heat when I do lots of walking, which made the snug fitting Paul Green Margo Cross Strap Flats the least comfortable shoes that I packed. The sneakers, sandals and loafers, on the other hand, were sublime because they’re roomier. The Margo flats are fine back in mild Seattle — I recently wore them for a 14-hour NAS shopping day in air conditioning without a problem.

Over to you. Do your feet swell in the extreme heat? Do you have specific shoes that work better than others in the extreme heat? Do you go up half a size for Summer shoes to accommodate swollen feet?