This ensemble was inspired by clients who like to wear shades of olive with black and white in the Summertime. The black creates a harder edge, while the white lightens and brightens the palette. Personally, I like to throw in a pastel or bright and leave out the black. 

My version combined these items from my wardrobe: 

Think of any way to combine olive with black and white for Summer. Here are some options to get you started. The black and white additions can be very subtle. The outfit on the far left is a copy of my own version of the look. 

Utility Pretty

Combine a pair of olive utility pants with a white top, white shoes and a black bag. Add black sunnies or black-faced watch to amp up the black in the outfit. I left out the black, and added a pastel blue satchel and my new dark brown specs instead. 

Sporty Frock Fabness

Combine an olive dress with white sneakers, white baseball cap, black choker, and black bag. A white denim jacket is a nice way to add more white.  

Ruffled & Frayed

Combine a pair of blue jeans with a black top, and finish off the look with an olive bag, and black or white shoes. Bonus if the jeans have white embroidery. A white jacket is a way to get in some white if the cap does not appeal to you. Or wear a black and white patterned top.

Wrapped Lace 

Combine an olive blouse with a black skirt and finish off the look with white bag, white shoes and pearls. Add a scarf in the palette if you feel like it. Or add black shoes and bag, and leave it at the pearls for the white component of the look. Add jewellery, watch and eyewear as desired.

Ensemble: Summer Olive, Black & White