I have good news and bad news. The good news is that I’ve found camisole nirvana. It’s the Hanro Women’s Moments Cami that comes in an assortment of colours. The bad news is that it’s five times the price of the BP. camisole I’ve been devoted to for the last ten years. Blast. 

One of my clients swears by Hanro camisoles and wears one daily. I knew they were pricey so I’ve been putting off trying one for years — especially since I’ve been happy with the BP. camisoles, some Uniqlo camisoles, and a few pricier lace darlings from Hanky Panky. I finally bought the Moments Cami in white last month. After its first wear, I bit the bullet and bought the black and the navy. Absolutely HEAVENLY. 

If you like a bit of lace like I do, this camisole looks beautiful over your bra and knickers. The dainty satin straps are pretty and adjustable. The lace inset is gorgeous, super soft, and peeks out from under a lower neckline, or through sheer fabric (I love the visual effect.)

But the best part about the cami is that its made of the SOFTEST 100% mercerized cotton and is void of side seams. Sublime comfort, impeccable fit (not clingy,) and extremely lightweight. The cami glides over the contour of your body in the gentlest way. You can barely feel that you’re wearing it. They also retain their shape after a laundry cycle. I do air-dry these camisoles because I don’t want to wear them out in the dryer. 

Camisoles are a very big part of my style. I’ve worn one daily for almost twenty years because I find them extremely comfortable as the layer between my torso and clothing, and feel odd when I don’t wear one. I even wear a cami in heatwaves because they’re somehow soothing. They are like a third piece of underwear to me, or “second skin”.

I’ll be adding more Hanro camisoles to my wardrobe over time, because when they’re wardrobe workhorses and you’ve found cami perfection – it’s worth saving up for them. I enjoy wearing pretty underwear, and take great care laundering them. There is something about wearing gorgeous, high-quality undies that makes me feel better in my clothes, and better about my style, despite the fact that they aren’t visible to the world. I also find it confidence-boosting and that it encourages positive body image. So for me, my style, and for my psyche, spending money on pricey undies is worth it. 

If the camisole that I selected from Hanro doesn’t tickle your fancy, have a squiz at their other silhouettes. I do wish they came in a greater range of sizes.