I purchase pricey and pretty underwear that’s lacy and delicate. The exact items are represented in the collection, and I have multiples of each item. I’ve amassed a reasonable quantity so that I can “share the wear”, which helps them last longer. I’ve also found that taking extra care with the laundering of bras and knickers can extend their longevity a lot. Lacy bras, especially, look pristine for longer. But most importantly, washing bras and knickers with care keeps their fit consistent. No shrinkage, stretching, protruding underwires, or misshapen bra cups. 

I pop my bras and knickers into a mesh bag to protect them in the washer. Darks with darks, and lights with lights. They’re washed with a mild detergent and softener on a short and gentle cycle with cold or warm water. They’re hung out to air dry, and NEVER go into the tumble dryer. The fastest way to adjust the fit of your undies is to tumble dry them. Cotton and cotton rich knickers, in particular, have an annoying habit of shrinking in the dryer. And the colours fade faster too. 

I wear a camisole almost every day, and have three styles that I rotate during the week, with multiples of each style across white, black, navy and charcoal. The exact camisoles are represented in the collection. I pop them into the same mesh bag with the bras and knickers, and launder them in the same way except that I do pop them into the tumble dryer. For some reason, my camisoles wear like iron, and do not shrink or stretch at all. They are also less delicate, which helps. 

It’s more time-consuming to launder this way, but I do feel that it’s worth it. If I’m going to purchase pricey undies that have to last longer than a year, best I look after them. So far, I’m reaping the reward since my underwear tends to look good for several seasons. 

Over to you: How does your underwear wash and care regime differ from mine?