As more people are using natural and organic personal care products, the companies selling them “are becoming more aggressive about courting them”, reports The New York Times.

Natural Beauty brand Gaffer & Child aims to make environmentally friendly beauty products with “farm-to-face” ingredients.

These are the five natural beauty products that have improved the most in the past decade, according to EcoSalon.

These 11 products are trending on Pinterest.

Skin, hair and make-up experts reveal their 25 approved green products.

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The Cat thought this post from Sally might be encouraging “as we are living in an age where people are becoming more and more body-conscious and many refer to their body’s features as ‘flaws’.”

Lisa reports that Ines de la Fressange has a new book out that includes some interesting outfit options such as going to divorce court or looking after grandkids.

Angie points us to Sally’s post in which she fights her own feelings about body-shaming. A quick and interesting read

La Pedestrienne wanted to share this interesting piece on Etsy, its investors, and the changing digital sales landscape.

Scarlet continues to be influenced by this podcast discussing the concept of ‘the average’. It certainly makes one think about standardized sizing and ‘average body type’.

Zoiechic enjoyed listening to this podcast in which Elizabeth Pape, founder of the women’s clothing company Elizabeth Suzann, talks about starting and running her company.

Ledonna N. just came across this video featuring Angie: ” I’ve never heard Angie’s voice so I was curious. It turns out it was nothing like I thought but her energy and vivacious spirit easily translate.”

Aquamarine thinks the acquisition of Kate Spade by Coach should be interesting.

Vanessa’s posts about a new style system she is exploring, Fantastical Beauty, led La Belle Demimondaine down a very fun rabbit hole of style archetypes and shapes that are based on mythological creatures and women.