A new outfit from Amber McNaught of Forever Amber, whom we introduced to YLF in July 2014.

An eye-catching polka dot pleated skirt is the life of the party in this Summer-y Modern Classic outfit. The oversized navy dots are both playful and girly. Amber’s paired it with a cropped lightweight navy sweater with welted hem to create structure and showcase her waist. Showcasing the waist lengthens the leg line from the hips upward when you’re wearing flats. The subtle see-through pattern on the pullover adds an alluring touch. Red flats with little bows look fab with the white and blue, and echo Amber’s bright orange-red lipstick. The red also emphasizes our blogger’s beautiful wavy locks. A white shoulder bag and oversized wooden sunnies finish off this elegant look.

Forever Amber - 2

Forever Amber - 1