We’re half way through the year and now is as good a time as any to check things off your seasonal style list. Here are six important wardrobe and style maintenance reminders to get the ball rolling. 

1. Review and Edit Your Closet

You might think that you can successfully refresh your style, assess your needs, filter through trends, and review your wardrobe without editing your closet properly – but half measures do not work. You will make better wardrobe planning and shopping decisions if you know what you own, how it fits, and how you currently feel about the items in your wardrobe. It’s not too late to get organized for the season. Get it done! You’ll reap the reward over and over again. And the more regularly you review your closet, the easier it gets. 

2. Fix Closet Organization Malfunctions

Fix broken closet drawers, doors, lights, shelves, racks and rails. Purchase closet storage bins, boxes, hangers, shelves, baskets and any other type of organizer that helps you maintain a tidy and efficient closet space. Get a full-length mirror if you don’t already have one. 

3. Spring Clean Winter Items 

Hopefully, if you live in the Northern hemisphere, you’re done with cold weather. That means that Winter coats, jackets and knitwear can be cleaned so that they’re ready to go for Fall and Winter. Take tired and worn boots to the cobbler, and Winter items that need repair to an alterations specialist. Sew on the buttons that have fallen off. 

4. Refresh Wardrobe Basics

Wardrobe basics are NOT wardrobe essentials. Wardrobe basics are items like: underwear, camisoles, socks, shapewear, hosiery, sleepwear and loungewear. For people like me who have basic workout wear requirements, workout wear is a basic too. It’s not as fun spending money on this part of your wardrobe, but it’s important to give it the necessary attention once a retail season. 

5. Refresh Eyewear & Hairstyles 

If you wear specs daily, make sure that your frames are current, flattering, and an expression of your sartorial preferences. Also check that the lenses are still the correct prescription. Assess your hairstyle and make changes if you’re unhappy with it. 

6. Dress Your Current Size 

I don’t want to discourage you from your personal weight and fitness goals, but remember that you should ALWAYS dress the body you have right now. You need to have a good assortment of clothes that fit well and look fab as you lose or gain weight over time. 

I edit and review my wardrobe monthly with the greatest of pleasure. Our broken drawer and closet light was fixed. I took our coats and jackets to the cleaners last week. I refreshed my bra, knickers and camisole capsule last month, and bought some new loungewear too. After months of procrastination, I finally refreshed my yoga capsule. I’m happy with my hairstyle, but am battling with a new prescription after my lenses were corrected for astigmatism. Hopefully that will sort itself out soon.

How are things going with you?