Well, I have been trying to review and edit my closet for a while. This is while also hoping to not waste clothing. I would like to have much of it at near Jenn's 30 wears before I cull it. I think it's my upbringing with older parents partly, who remembered the Depression, Mum was 40 when she had me and Dad 38. They were born in 1920 and 1922 respectively. Obviously I spend more freely than they did because I'm richer, but thrift/frugality are still a big part of my make-up. I have culled the olive tunic which I had thought I loved, bought on extreme sale 2014 for $10, worn 24 times- because I could see in a photo that it wasn't doing me any favours! As The Cat noted on one post it did seem to draw attention to my mid-section!
I culled the warm olive pants I had bought last winter ( not the ones in these pics) because of poor quality. I had bought a pair at the outlet store of a fave brand and had to return them quickly as found the seams were pulling. Got a replacement pair but when trying on noted a small oddly coloured patch on one leg so the shop assistant let me have them for $20. However the seams soon began to pull a little too and I had to mend them. After 27 wears out they go too. Also the boots in these pics- 2014, 32 wears, getting scuffed/worn on the toes and not polishing up well. And another top from a sale in 2014 also in the olive colour scheme, worn 24 times and now floppy around the neck. The 3 failing items (well-used, fading, scuffed, floppy,pulling) are going to the "clothing bin" where they may be made into rags or possibly sold if they think good enough, which raises money for child cancer. The good condition one, the olive tunic, is going to the hospice where it is sold in their shops to raise money to help fund hospice services. We don't have "Goodwill" in NZ but places like the hospice have "op shops" ( stands for opportunity shops, an opportunity to buy something at low cost).
Do you think these items should be failing after 24,27 and 32 wears? They're not cheap brands. The original price on all was much more than I paid. $90 for the pants, I paid $20. $229 for the boots, I paid $69. Not sure for the top that got a floppy neck but not a cheap brand, it would have been over $100 and I probably paid about half that on their factory sale. Forgot to keep the receipt on that one. If I had paid full price on any of these I would have been really annoyed at these clothes dying after this time. Am I unrealistic ? Interested in your thinking.

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