When I first came to YLF, I had a severely bloated closet with no rhyme or reason that reflected a lot of sales shopping and impulse buying. There I said it.

Since joining YLF, I ruthlessly edited my wardrobe. I developed capsules based on activity and sometimes color. I learned to stop shopping sales all together. I am serenely happy with my wardrobe at this moment.

But truth be told, there are still some garments in my wardrobe that are orphans. There are any number of reasons for their status (i.e., bought multiples of the same garment; changing styles tastes; changing color palettes). These orphans still have a place in my wardrobe because each of them is a really high quality and special piece (imho). The thought of donating them actually hurts my soul. I would gladly give them to friends if I knew those friends would use them, but I haven't found that exact friend just yet. Well, maybe one. One friend has specifically said she wants everything in my closet that I plan to give to the Goodwill. But if she is one size smaller than me, how does that help?

I am having a hard time taking the next step and editing out pieces that I remember loving or that were expensive or that I think I might need "some day."

Can anyone help me?