Let’s talk about mascara that is not black or brown. The collection below showcases great examples of non-neutral mascara colours, like blue, green, burgundy and purple. 

I used to wear green mascara in the ‘80s, and went back to using black and dark brown for decades after that. Two years ago, on an absolute whim, I decided to try blue mascara, and haven’t looked back. It’s quite subtle, but less so in sunlight. I enjoy how the blue looks more fresh, alive, modern, and interesting. It also looks work appropriate and polished, and not as if I’m going to a costume party. I like neon mascara in the right context and setting, but in my line of work, I need to create a relatable style that looks professional. I’ll leave the lime green mascara for the ‘80s party. 

Although I have green eyes, I prefer blue mascara. They make my eyes look more green. I’m hooked on Yves Saint Laurent’s Volume Effet Faux Cils mascara in “Extreme Blue” and “ Deep Night”. I complement it with Laura Mercier’s Tightline Cake Eyeliner in bleu marine, which I use to tightline my top lashes only. Tightlining effectively is all about the right brush, and I recommend NARS #46 Push Eyeliner brush to do just that. I layer lots of mascara onto my lashes to create a vibrant and visible colour. Here are the exact products that I use daily. 

I’ve been encouraging clients to give non-neutral mascara a go if they haven’t already done so. So far, everyone is enjoying the change. Client Karen who is 76 years young has light green eyes, and wears light purple mascara to perfection. Inge, who is on the YLF team, has hazel eyes and wears dark purple mascara with the best of them. Shades of purple mascara work well with green and hazel eyes. An executive client with big brown eyes looks fabulous in burgundy mascara. Clients with black hair and dark brown eyes look amazing with blue or burgundy mascara. And of course, blue eyes look fab with blue mascara, and green or hazel eyes look fab with green mascara. 

You shouldn’t feel restricted with your choice of mascara colour. You don’t need to match it to the colour of your eyes, or stick to neutral colours. Visit a cosmetic counter and have fun trying different colours. Choose the one you like best and run with it. Non-neutral mascara can be a great and affordable way to refresh your style. 

Who else is wearing non-neutral mascara, or wants to give it a whirl?

And if you’re in the United States, we at YLF hope you are enjoying Presidents’ Day.