I just got back from a trip to the Netherlands, for which I packed a practical and colourful Winter travel capsule. It was extremely effective, and I wouldn’t have changed a thing. I was warm enough in below freezing temperatures, and my feet were happy — a must since I did a lot of walking. I could create both casual and smart casual outfits. I wasn’t bored with wearing the same outfit formula because items varied in colour and fabrication. Check the forum to see all the outfit combinations in action.

Travel Capsule

Despite being very happy with what I packed and how the outfits came together, I need to change things up as soon as I get home. For a while I need to wear outfits that feel different to those in my travel capsule.

Today, the day after I returned, the last thing I wanted to wear was a pair of blue jeans. So I reached for a pair of white boyfriend jeans and finished off the look with an ink blue turtleneck, ink boots, cognac belt, short toffee puffer, and citron clutch. I had missed wearing white jeans, earth tones, and a clutch all week. Here are the exact items.

Tomorrow I’ll want a more dramatic change, which makes a cosy sweater dress with dainty hosiery and tall ink blue boots a strong contender for the day. After wearing jeans and pants for a while, I missed my dresses. 

Being separated from most of my wardrobe makes me miss it, appreciate it, and excited to wear something with a different vibe when I get home. The creative juices flow as I imagine new combinations of old wardrobe items. 

Do you also feel this way when you are separated from your wardrobe for a while?