This post was prompted by a gorgeous Asian-inspired pajama set. For a split second I thought, I’m going to get that pretty set and sleep in it. Chic, glam, alluring and pretty. 

Reality set in a moment later. I find it very hard to sleep comfortably in anything but a soft, roomy T-shirt with a highish neckline and short sleeves. If the neckline is too wide, it falls off my shoulders during the night. Sleeveless is too cold, and long sleeves are too constricting. The T-shirt also has to be the right length. Too short and it creeps up my torso. Too long and I find it constricting. My legs have to be bare because pajama bottoms bunch up during the night and make me uncomfortable. Legging type pajama bottoms and onesies don’t work either. So I sleep in boyshorts and my perfect sleeping tee. 

Unfortunately, my sleepwear style is very UN-glam, UN-alluring and UN-flattering. But it’s exactly what I need to get a good night’s rest. I’ve tried all sorts of lovely looking pajama sets, robes, nightshirts and nighties in the past, but they inevitably become loungewear because I find the silhouettes uncomfortable for sleeping.

I replenish my sleeping tees regularly so that they look pristine. They’re usually made of modal so they don’t crease. And since I love to wear lace underwear, my knickers are pretty. At least there is that! Perhaps one day I’ll find a more glam, attractive and pretty sleepwear solution. But for now, it is what it is. 

My clients’ sleepwear varies a lot. There are knitted, flannel and silky pajama sets across long and short lengths. Tank tops and shorts are popular in Summer. Some wear leggings and tees, cotton nighties, silky slips, or mismatched T-shirts and pajama bottoms. Some wear their old T-shirts, their husband’s old T-shirts, or old cashmere sweaters. And some don’t wear anything at all. 

Sleepwear style is very personal and there’s no right or wrong. The most important thing is that you get a good night’s sleep! But if you’re not as sensitive as I am, do give your sleepwear style some thought. Perhaps it’s time to replenish your pajama sets, buy another robe, or try a new nightie silhouette. That way I can live vicariously through you. 

If you’re comfortable sharing the specifics, I’d like hear all about your sleepwear style.