The rise on a pair of trousers, jeans and shorts is the front and back length between crotch point and waistband. The fashionable trend over the last few years has been an increasing rise in trouser and jeans silhouettes. Today the high rise is completely mainstream and in the majority.

Each individual person also has their own rise measurement. Those who have a relatively short rise tend to find medium rise bottoms “high rise”, while those with long rises will find high rise bottoms shorter than expected. Add body type modifiers like waist length, waist width, and thigh shape, and finding the perfectly comfortable and flattering rise can be a tall order. 

In general, the high rise has pros and cons.


  • They are on trend and fashionable
  • They provide extra coverage and security
  • They provide girdling structure that prevents muffin top
  • They are extremely comfortable
  • They are a great fit on a body type with a long rise 
  • They are visually flattering on a long-waisted, hourglass body type


  • They can dig into the midsection on a body type with a short rise
  • They can be unflattering, making a short waist look shorter
  • They can accentuate the size of the midsection
  • They can feel too tight on the midsection
  • They can cause belly bulge
  • The waistband is often too high on petties, finishing right under the bust
  • Semi-tucked top looks better on mid and low rise bottoms

Most of my clients are enjoying the high rise trend because of its advantages. Some petites, or regular height ladies with short rises and/or very short waists, are not. 

I’m regular height but have a short rise, so I sometimes find high rises too high. The waistband digs into my midsection, especially when I sit down. I also have a bit of a sway back, which means that a high waistband needs alteration to fit perfectly at the back. Mid and low rises tend to fit me a whole lot better straight off the rack, and I find them more comfortable too. But I do wear the high rise jeans and trousers as long as the waistbands are soft, and the fit does not gape at the back of the waist. 

Over to you. Are you enjoying the high rise trend?