Dressing up denim is one of the most popular outfit choices to wear to casual holiday bashes these days. It usually means adding dressy sparkle, shine and glitz to jeans, but you could glitz up a denim jacket or skirt too. 

The most important part of the outfit is the bling because that’s what creates a festive vibe, and sets the outfit apart from regular jeans outfits. Incorporate bling by wearing shiny clothing and footwear, and/or add it in the form of accessories, nail polish and make-up. 

Outfits can be colourful or neutral. Metals can be mixed or matching. Footwear can be flat or heeled, as long as it’s at least smart casual. That said, a pair of blingy sneakers could work quite well too. 

Here are the components of the outfit: 

Jeans: Choose a current style of jeans in any wash. Bootcuts, bell bottoms, boyfriends, culottes, skinnies, straight legs, flared crops, straight crops or staggered hem crops – it’s all good. My own preference for this ensemble is for dark blue jeans, but by all means choose light blue and grey jeans too.

Top: Think pullovers, blouses, shell tops and upscale sweatshirts with embellishment and texture. Wear a style that’s alluring like a cold shoulder silhouette. Make sure the top works with the jeans, and tuck or semi-tuck as desired. Or keep the top simple and pile on the jewellery. A simple silky shell with a cardigan plus bling jewellery can work. 

Topper: Add a jacket, coat or wrap that works with the outfit. I vote add some texture like brocade, boiled wool, houndstooth, faux fur, leather, pleather, or simply wear an eye-catching colourful coat. 

Footwear: I vote dressy flats or heels. Shiny shoes are even more festive. Animal print is good too. Add knee-highs, tights or socks for insulation. 

Accessories: As a nod to the Maximal trend, you MUST accessorize the outfit! Add a dressier bag. Statement necklaces, cuffs, bracelets, brooches, rings, earrings and fascinators are fabulous. Glittery belts and furry mufflers are fun. Bold nail polish, mascara, eyeliner and lippie pack extra punch. And a smile on your face is the best accessory of all. 

Holiday Ensemble: Bling Up Denim

Feel free to wear an embellished jacket or jeans and keep the top simple. And although I’ve shown neutrals with burgundy and a hint of chartreuse here, remixing ANY colour that makes you happy is fab.