As we wrap up for cold weather, there’s a common question that my clients ask about how to choose the scarf for their outfits. Should they choose one to match the outfit, or to match the coat? It’s particularly tricky if the scarf matches the outfit but clashes with the coat. And choosing a scarf that matches the coat but not the outfit can leave you feeling off after removing the coat.

My answer is that it’s a personal preference. I strive to choose a scarf that works with both the outfit and the coat. That way I can keep my scarf on indoors when removing the coat, and can even use it as a wrap if I need to. 

When I can’t match both, I choose a scarf that matches the coat but clashes with the outfit. My solution is to remove the scarf with the coat when I’m indoors so that I feel best in the outfit. I also make sure that I’m wearing a top that doesn’t need a scarf to look fabulous. 

Over to you? Do you match your scarf to your coat or outfit, or both?