This ensemble was inspired by a stylish lady I saw waiting at the bus stop last week. She combined a white untucked shirt with a pair of streamlined black culottes and booties, and layered a grey maxi cardigan and statement leopard bag over the lot. I loved the harmony of the warm and cool tones in one outfit — a combination that looks good on just about anyone. Those who prefer to wear cool-toned colours can absolutely wear a warm leopard bag as an accessory. 

The outfit on the left approximates the outfit I saw in person, while the other is a flared skirt rendition. Both reflect new, on trend outfit proportions.

Black Culottes, Grey Topper & Leopard Bag 

Combine black culottes with a white untucked shirt that’s not too long (to keep the leg line of the culottes long upward from the hips). Layer a grey maxi cardigan over the top and keep it open. Complete the outfit with statement bag and black booties or taller boots. If white shirts are not your thing, haul out a black pullover, tee or blouse instead to create a column of black under the grey cardigan. 

Grey Skirt, Black Top & Leopard Bag 

Combine a grey skirt with a black top, a leopard bag, and black shoes. It’s that easy! Or combine a black skirt with a charcoal top. I’ve chosen a striped charcoal flared skirt and short black bomber jacket, just for fun. The leopard bag is a subtle nod to maximal pattern mixing, while the leopard neckerchief — an optional addition — makes the outfit even more maximal. Gone are the days that wearing one animal print item at a time is the only way to go. Add jewellery, eyewear and watch as desired.

Ensemble: Statement Leopard Bag