October marks the middle of the Fall and Winter retail season in the northern hemisphere. And for four good reasons it’s one of the best times to shop. 

1. Availability of Small Sizes

The smaller end of the size curve tends to sell out the fastest. Shop early to ensure size availability if you wear these sizes. This is especially true for designer items. 

2. Larger Variety of Colours

At the start and middle of the season, you find all sorts of colours, like pastels, sour brights and jewel tones. You’ll also find a larger selection of warm and cool neutrals. Come December and January, there’s a plethora of grey and black items in stores and it tends to stay that way until Spring collections filter through in February and March.

3. Larger Variety of Everyday Fashion

In the US, stores are full of party wear, loungewear and pyjamas from mid November till the end of January. Resort wear makes an appearance in December, which is NOT to be confused with Spring 2017 collections that come later. As a result, wearable “everyday fashion” takes a back seat, and pickings are slim in those wardrobe items.

4. Lighter Weight Fabrications

If you are prone to overheating, run warm, or live in a mild climate, shop early to get lighter weight Winter merchandise. The deeper we go into the season, the chunkier the weight of the knitwear, and the heavier the fabrication of the outerwear. 

I’ve been very busy helping clients refresh their Fall and Winter wardrobes over the last few months precisely because it’s a great time to shop. Lots of US retailers have been offering discounts too — BONUS. Come November and December, we’ll simply be topping up favourites, adding a few heavier items, and making sure that the party and travel capsules are ready to go.

Personally, because I love to wear an assortment of colours throughout the year, and wear a small size, I’m conditioned to shopping early and midseason. But I also like to include heavy Winter items in my refresh, so I have to wait till they appear later in the season.